Thursday, February 13, 2014


[and I bet you can't tell how excited I am about it...]
My cute mother picked it up from the post office this morning, due to a leaky mailbox.
Don't want this thing getting wet!!
I am so very grateful for this opportunity to serve and CAN NOT WAIT to find out where I am going tonight!!
I'll keep ya posted!
xoxo, britt.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


how has 2013 already flown by? before you knew it I...

cheered at my last game.
turned 18.
graduated from high school.
worked 4 jobs over the summer.
sent lots of my best friends off on missions. 
moved away to college.
started my freshman year as a southern utah university t-bird. 
met new friends.
got a new job.
filled out my mission papers.
became a resident assistant.
started off a new year with family and friends.
gotta love the typical year in review post... but it is necessary.
and i know how much you guys wanted to hear it.
like i said, 2013 was good to me. it definitely had its ups and its downs, but i have never learned more about myself than i did in those short 12 months. i have come to realize how much the Lord has blessed me with and how much my family really means to me.
here's hoping that 2014 will be just as good.
there's big things in store for me:
i will be called to serve as a missionary for
the church of jesus Christ of latter day saints.
(I am turning my papers in six short days from now.)
i will be an aunt to 7 beautiful children.
i will finish my first year at suu.
and my brother will come home from his mission
(even though we'll overlap im still excited.)
cheers to all of us, that this may be the best year yet.
xoxo, britt

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

my lovely padres.

I should be writing a paper. but, this is Brittany Bascom we're talking about. what else is new? just thought I needed to take a second and express my appreciation for my cute parents. [not that I haven't already on instagram and facebook]

I love these two folks. my dad called me tonight and we talked for an hour. if you knew me and my dad, you would know how uncalled for that is. but I missed him. and it was so good to talk to him about everything. it took me eighteen years, but I finally realize how much he loves me and that he is willing to do anything and everything for me. I love him to the moon and back. im so glad that he chose me.

mom and I have always been close and I have always been grateful for that. I miss our late night movies and our chats. they always were the most calming things to me. I honestly cant wait to go home this weekend and see these two lovelies.

and now, im off to finish my homework so these two don't have to be on my back about my grades.

xoxo, britt.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a day in the life of a c o l l e g e girl.

it is currently 11:51 pm.
I have two tests in the morning.
and yet, here I am devouring blog after blog.
typical brittany.

just so you guys know, i am alive.
life is just so completely crazy busy.
all you really need to know...

i absolutely love it down here.
remember all those doubts and fears in the last post?
they're completely gone.
i am at peace.
i know where i am supposed to be.
 and what im supposed to be doing.
i have leave so much about myself,
as well as others since i have been here.
it is so amazing knowing that He has a plan for me.
im off to good old sunny California tomorrow.
there will be pictures and updates to come.
xoxo, brittany

Sunday, August 18, 2013

from the 801 to the 435.

my mind is racing tonight as i sit here thinking about how in just three short days i will be out of my parents care, and in the real world.

i have lived in the same house my whole life. with the same people. in the same ward. and with my same family. but then ten years ago it all started to change. i watched as my very first brother received his mission call to serve in rio de janeiro, brazil. then, almost just short of three years later, i dropped my brother off into the provo mtc so he too could go serve the Lord in madrid, spain. then i sat and welcomed a new sister and a nephew into my life all within the two years devin was out. just after the summer i then married my only sister off and cried realizing she was gone. and just this last novemeber, i drove to the mtc and dropped my brother off so he could serve the people of portugal.

as i said before, the past ten years has done wonders for my family. i have sent three brothers out on missions, gained two sister-in-laws, one brother-in-law, four nephews and two nieces.

when i watched all of this happen, i knew that my day would come. i knew that i would have my chance. but i never thought it would be this soon. i never thought that i would have to kiss my sweet little nephews cheek for the last time before i drove away to college. i never thought that i would be the one shopping for my apartment and looking up the cheapest ways to get books. i never thought that i would be moving 220 miles away from the only place that i have ever called home, and i never thought that i would be nervous for it.

i am not a home body. i am very independent and like to do what i want to do. i dont have an amazing relationship with my parents, and i never thought that it would be hard to say goodbye. as the day is drawing nearer, i am dreading the moment when i see my parents drop me off at college, hop in their car, and drive off. this summer has shown me how much my parents sacrifice for me. how much they truly do care for me, and all the lessons they have taught me truly are important. im going to miss those two kids. ill miss coming home and snuggling up to my mom on the couch and watching movies til the wee hours of the morning. ill miss my dad laughing at all of his own jokes, thinking that hes the worlds biggest comedian. ill miss the sanctuary that my parents have provided me.

ill miss my friends. my besties. this is the year where we all part our seperate ways. where we find out who we truly are. each of my friends have left footprints on my heart, and i am truly grateful for that.

now dont get me wrong, i am super excited to move out! sometimes you just have to let out all your doubts and fears and be done with it. i know that this year at school will be one of the most amazing experiences i have ever encountered, and i can not wait to get it started! im excited for my roommates, my classes, and especially the social life that is to come. and i am so extremely grateful for the knowledge that i have about the Savior and the fact that he is always there for me. "before we came to this earth we were shown what we were going to go through, and we said that we would do it." it is of Him, and through Him, and by Him that this is possible.

i probably wont be blogging again
 until i get down to cedar city. so until then, i will be doing laundry, packing, and getting ready for the biggest journey of my life so far.

wish me luck!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

as this summer is coming to a close, I look back and see how completely different my life is. the people I talk to, the things I do, and even the thoughts that go through my mind have changed. not all of this was willingly either, I must add. my life has taken more than one unexpected turn. im not where I thought I would be. I haven't done all the things on my summer bucketlist. but wanna know what? im happy. yes, I work a lot. yes, I miss out on a lot. but I am happy. ive learned this summer, more than anything else, to find the bright side of things. to work hard to reach your goal. to see whats most important in life. I wouldn't have expected this be the way for this summer to end up, but I know it was exactly what I needed.

Monday, June 24, 2013


so as many of you may know, two saturdays ago {june 8, 2013} i ran in my very first half marathon. and lets just say that it was an adventure. and a half ;)

the real question here is why in the heck would i be dumb enough to run a half marathon in the first place?  in january i recieved a text from my lovely cousin kelsea asking if i was a runner, to which my response was definitely not! she continued to ask me that if i wanted to run a half marathon with her in june. i dont know what i was thinking when i told her that i would, but it has always been on my bucket list so i figured why not, right? i had five months to train and things it was going to be great, or so i thought... running is hard enough as it is, but when its freezing, that just adds another level to the torture. needless to say, i only ran about three times until the middle of april. then i decided that i was in big trouble and should probably start running. so i ended up going like 6 times before the race? yeah.... who knows.
the night before the race comes... we pick up our packets and the nerves set in. what am i thinking? what am i doing? i am freaking crazy. thats about what my brain looked like. we were in bed and asleep by 9:30, which is pretty impressive for two teenage girls.
the next morning 3:15 came wayyyy too fast. we got up, drank some naked juice, and were on our way. as we reached the buses, kelsea looked at me and said "what are we getting ourselves in to?" um.... she's the one that dragged me into this. i was just along for the ride.

pre-race jitters
there were bathrooms and fires and a whole lot of waiting before the actual race started. they had pacers running the race and i lined up with the "i just wanna finish this thing" pace. the race started, i lost kelsea in the first mile, and things were going great up until just before mile six... im not going to go into details, but lets just say i ended the race with two blistered feet, a major side ache, and a bad case of stomach problems (all thanks to the naked juice.)

looking back at this experience, it makes me laugh harder than anything! i can say that i have ran a half marathon and i never have to do it again. call me crazy,and even though i couldnt walk normal for a week and my knee has been hurting ever since, but i will be returning next year and doing the race again. i invite you to join me! it isnt as bad as you think.

here's to training, running, and succeeding in next years utah valley half.
loves, britt

ps... i got another job today. a real one. yup. im a big girl now.